Warrior Names

The rich history and culture of the country are reflected in the names which children are given at the birth. Names that mean warrior or those having relations to something warlike are found among masculine ones, as well as among woman ones.
Moreover, the ancestor of a fighter or a soldier could be called Warrior. Some of the saints along with names after the nickname had the designation of their features or occupation: Ivan Postnik, Ivan the Warrior, Zosima the Warrior, etc. Other semi-literate priests mistakenly called a baby not with a Saint’s name, but with his nickname; and there were people with the name Warrior.

Warrior names for boys

For many centuries, the choice of name for the boy was thorough and serious. After all, the boy should grow brave, strong and nimble one, who will get the opportunity to cope with the role of a hunter, or a brave soldier and a defender. Consequently, the names of the boys are available to emphasize power and masculinity.
The vivid example is presented by names of Ireland and Scotland.
The names of Ireland have ancient Celtic roots. They reflect essence of all the Irish historically existing culture itself. Significance of these names is characterized by comparisons to men’s military, professional qualities.
Many names of Scotland originated from foreign clans, which arrived to Scotland in the 1066 together with William the Conqueror.

Adafo – Brave Warrior.  Origin: African.  Male

Akecheta – Fighting Warrior.  Origin: Native American.  Male

Alemana – Warrior.  Origin: Hawaiian.  Male

Ares – God of War.  Origin: Greek.  Male

Arrio – Fierce Warrior.  Origin: Spanish.  Male

Baron – Young Warrior.  Origin: English.  Male

Boris – Battle Warrior.  Origin: Slavic.  Male

Evan – Young Warrior.  Origin: Celtic.  Male

Finley – Fair Warrior.  Origin: Gaelic.  Male

Gerald – Spear Warrior.  Origin: German.  Male

Gideon –  Mighty Warrior.  Origin: Hebrew.  Male

Gunnar – Bold Warrior.  Origin: German.  Male

Harvey – Battle Warrior.  Origin: Celtic.  Male

Humphrey – Peaceful Warrior.  Origin: German.  Male

Kamau – Silent Warrior.  Origin: African.  Male

Kane – Warrior.  Origin: Gaelic.  Male

Murphy – Sea Warrior.  Origin: Gaelic.  Male

Owen – Young Warrior.  Origin: Celtic.  Male

Takeo – Strong Warrior.  Origin: Japanese.  Male

Vidor – Tree Warrior.  Origin: Norse.  Male

Walt – Powerful Warrior.  Origin: German.  Male

Warner – Protective Warrior.  Origin: German.  Male

Female warrior names

In all ages, there were women who had a definite political influence. They had the power and this power was often achieved in a violent way. History has preserved to us their names, so that now these names can be called female warrior names.

Aliosa – Famous Warrior.  Origin: German.  Female

Andrina – Brave Warrior.  Origin: Greek.  Female

Dustin – Brave Warrior.  Origin: German.  Unisex

Kella – Warrior.  Origin: Gaelic.  Female

Loiuse – Famous Warrior.  Origin: German.  Female

Luana – Graceful Warrior.  Origin: German.  Female

Lula – Female Warrior.  Origin: English.  Female

Sloane – Warrior.  Origin: Gaelic.  Unisex

Zelda – Woman Warrior.  Origin: German.  Female

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