Strong Names

When choosing a name for their baby, many parents are primarily concerned with the resonance of sound. Some people are named after relatives, a famous person, their parent’s friend or even fictional characters. However, what actually matters a lot is the meaning of the word chosen. Every name has a certain image behind it, its own etymology and history. All the names that mean strong, for instance, share the concept of power, but each one is unique as it has its own unique origins.
Do you remember the moment when you found out the meaning behind your own name? Do you recall it now? Are you contented with it?
In his book Games People Play psychiatrist Eric Berne states that every person has a scenario of his own, and  one’s parents have a great role in “writing” it. A name can be a part of this scenario. Power names (words that mean strong) may affect your own sense of self in a very good way. That may be very important as we’re tied to our names for life.

    The moment a person understands that the meaning behind his name is “strong” he or she inevitably starts to ask himself many questions:

  • why did parents gave him this name?
  • were they concerned only about the resonance of sound, was it a “hereditary” name or did they actually understand that they chose a name meaning strong?

Most people perceive their names as authentic, but if a person feels that the name does not “suit” him, it may even happen that he decides to change it. There’s little chance that a person who has a name meaning strong would ever like to change it, as one could hardly imagine how such a positive word could have a bad influence on a person’s character or destiny.

Girl names that mean strong

The names meaning strong will be like a talisman for your baby girl. This word may become a secret source of power, given to her by her parents. You may pick the most melodic name from the list below, and in the course of time she will appreciate not only the meaning, but the sound of it as well.

Sophia: Wise
Emma: Whole or complete
Olivia: Olive, symbol of peace
Isabella: Devoted to God
Hannah: Favor or grace
Mia: A wished for child
Chloe: Fresh blooming
Madison: Gift of God
Violet: Flower
Victoria: Victory or triumphant

Boy names that mean strong

For a boy, this choice of name is very reasonable as physical strength has been one of the most desirable men’s qualities for centuries. Today names that mean strong are still very popular, although with a slight change in meaning: the power of mind and emotional strength.
Below you will find a lot of words that mean strong, and this long list will give you a chance to choose the one that suits your baby perfectly, taking into consideration this word’s sound and origin.

Maximus: Greatest
Ekon: Strong
Hagan: Strong defense
Jedrek: Strong, manly
Jerry: Brave spearman
Kalmin: Manly and strong
Kwan: Strong
Magnar: Strong warrior
Mann: Strong man
Neron: Strong
Remo: The strong one
Takeo: Strong as bamboo
Takeshi: Strong
Tiger: Powerful and energetic


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