Odd Baby Names

by Joy Oneisis

So what exactly makes a baby name odd?  Is an odd baby name one that is unusual, out of the ordinary, comical, or just very unique?  Could an odd baby name be considered perfectly normal one if only the middle or last name went with it a little better?  The thing is, odd baby names are in the minds of the beholder.  If you do an internet search for odd baby names, you will find several sites with long lists of results.  But in my opinion, many of these names do not sound odd to me, but do to my friends.  Similarly, some of them sound odd to me but not to my friends.  Additionally, searches for popular names sound odd to my parents and grandparents, but are not considered as such now.  Generational differences, cultural differences and just plain differences all have an effect on what individuals or society consider odd.

So should you worry about giving your child an odd baby name?  Not at all.  First of all the definition of an odd baby name very subjective, and you can’t worry about pleasing everyone.  Also, it will give your child something unique to own, and will likely be something they will be proud of.  Their name will stand out on resumes and social circles, which is a good thing, right?  However, during those months of pregnancy when soon-to-be parents are spinning through the thousands of names out there, figuring out which one will be perfect for their child, the desired  response out of peoples mouths is more likely “that’s pretty”, or “oh how unique” instead of “that’s odd”.  But the bottom line is go with what name YOU love and you won’t regret your choice. Go with other people’s opinions, and you probably will regret it.