Michael Jackson kids names

Michael Jackson’s kids have attracted media attention since their birth. The first son was born on February 13, 1997. His mother was Jackson’s longtime friend Deborah Jeanne Rowe. He eventually married her when she was six months pregnant, though originally the couple was not going to marry. It was Jackson’s mother, Katherine, who insisted on it. The baby was called Prince Michael Jackson Jr. Just 14 months later, on April 3, 1998, his sister Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson was born. One more year later, the couple filed for divorce. The singer obtained full custody of the children.

The third, and last, of the kids, son Prince Michael Jackson II, was born on February 22, 2002 with the help of a surrogate mother. While names of Michael Jackson’s kids are well known, media has not found out who the third kid’s mother is.

Prince Michael Jackson

Prince Michael Jackson kids name

The first Jackson’s baby was named after the singer’s grandfather. Debbie Rowe was taken straight home from the hospital, while her child was taken to her husband’s Neverland Ranch. It was only six months later that she was allowed to see the baby. She held him in her arms for several minutes only before returning to the hotel. Today, Prince Michael Jackson doesn’t talk much about his mother claiming she hasn’t played a prominent role in his life as they only have met several times.

Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson

Paris Michael Katherine Jackson Michael kids names

The girl received the name “Paris” after the capital of France, where, according to Michael and Debbie, she had been conceived, while she also received the name “Katherine” after the singer’s mother and grand grandmother. Although Michael and Debbie were married, their family was considered uncommon, to say the least of it. Hardly a surprise, taking into consideration that the kids lived in their father’s house, who showed up very rarely because of his tours, while their biological mother almost never showed up at all. Instead, the kids had six nannies.

Prince Michael Jackson 2

Prince Michael Jackson 2 Michael Jackson kids names

In 1999, Rowe and Jackson divorced. The singer mentioned more than once that he wanted to become a father of one more child. In February 2000, this dream came true with the help of a surrogate mother. The singer claimed he didn’t even know her name. All he required from the future mother of his kid was that she was healthy, intelligent, and possessed perfect eyesight.

The third kid had probably the strangest nickname out of all the Michael Jackson kids names – Blanket. However, eventually he claimed he was tired of it and asked to call him Bigi.

Michael Jackson kids names:

  1. son Prince Michael Jackson (February 13, 1997)
  2. daughter Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson (April 3, 1998)
  3. son Prince Michael Jackson II (February 22, 2002)