Baby names with a “J”

That’s a very smart decision to think of the monogram before you name your offspring. Some parents discover their child’s initials sound awkward only when the time comes to monogram her book bag or sweatshirt. The list of baby names starting with J below has more than 370 options.

Baby names with J come from different countries, from different cultures: there are Celtic, Danish, Basque, Catalan, American names. Taking into consideration the diversity of meanings and origins, you will have a chance to find an option that reflects your background.

Baby boy names that start with J

Some of the most common for America baby boy names start with J (Jacob, Jack, Jeremiah, James, Jonathan, for instance). However it does not mean that you cannot find a rare name in our list. Browsing through it, you will discover truly unique baby boy names starting with J.

Baby girl names that start with J

In 1941 over 12% of all newborn girls were being given J-names. Their popularity has dropped by 8,6% since then, to 3.4%. Still the number of baby girl names starting with J in the list of the top 1000 given names is rather large (72). Julia and Jennifer are two of the most commonly used baby girl names with J.

Baby Names Etc has compiled an easy-reference printable list of names that begin with J, end with J or have J in the middle.

Baby Names that Begin with a “J”

Jabari Jace Jacey Jachelle Jacinda Jacinta Jack Jackamo Jackeline Jackie Jacklyn Jackson Jaclene Jaclyn Jacob Jacobus Jacoby Jacopo Jacqueline Jacquelyn Jacquetta Jada Jade Jaden Jadon Jadwiga Jadyn Jae Jaeden Jael Jaelyn Jaelynn Jagger Jagwant Jaheim Jahiem Jahir Jaida Jaiden Jaidyn Jailyn Jaime Jaimee Jaimie Jair Jairo Jaja Jakayla Jake Jakob Jakobe Jaleel Jalen Jaliyah Jalyn Jalynn Jama Jamaine Jamal Jamar Jamari Jamarion Jame Jamel James Jameson Jami Jamie Jamieson Jamil Jamila Jamilla Jamin Jamir Jamison Jammie Jamya Jan Jana Janae Jancy Jane Janea Janel Janell Janelle Janessa Janet Janette Janiah Janice Janie Janina Janis Janiya Janiyah Jann Jannese Januario Januarius Janusz Janyfel Jaquan Jaqueline Jared Jaren Jarlyn Jarme Jarod Jaron Jaroslav Jarred Jarrett Jarrod Jarvis Jase Jasman Jasmin Jasmine Jasmyn Jason Jasper Javen Javier Javion Javon Jawad Jax Jaxon Jaxson Jay Jayant Jayce Jaycee Jayda Jayden Jaydin Jaydon Jayla Jaylan Jaylee Jayleen Jaylen Jaylene Jaylin Jaylon Jaylyn Jaylynn Jayne Jayraan Jayson Jayvon Jaywon Jazlyn Jazmin Jazmine Jazmyn Jazmyne Jazon Jazz Jean JeanClaude Jeanette Jeanie Jeanine Jeann Jeanne Jeanneth Jeannette Jeannie Jeannine Jeany Jed Jedidiah Jee Jeff Jefferson Jeffery Jeffrey Jeffry Jem Jemmel Jen Jenee Jenel Jenelle Jeneth Jenette Jenifer Jenine Jenli Jenna Jennamarie Jenni Jennie Jennifer Jenniffer Jennilyn Jenny Jennylou Jens Jerald Jeraldin Jeramiah Jeremiah Jeremy Jeri Jerica Jerimie Jermaine Jerold Jerome Jerrecca Jerri Jerrica Jerrilyn Jerrold Jerry Jervais Jesiefin Jess Jesse Jessica Jessie Jesus Jesusa Jett Jetta Jeunita Jewel Jeyseon Jhanna Jiani Jianne Jiaur Jiddu Jie Jill Jillian Jim Jimena Jimiliz Jimmy Jin Jina Jinya Jiyi Jo Joahnna Joan Joana Joann Jo-Ann Joanna Joannaliza Joanne Joaquin Jocelyn Jock Jockie Jodi Jodie Jodilynn Jody Joe Joel Joelle Joey Johan Johana Johanna John Johnathan Johnathon Johnette Johnnie Johnny Johnpaul Joi Joice Jolanta Jolee Joleen Jolene Jolette Jolie Jon Jona Jonah Jonas Jonathan Jonathon Joni Jonisha Joon Jordan Jorden Jordi Jordon Jordy Jordyn Jorge Jorrie Jose Josef Josefina Joselyn Joseph Josephine Josh Joshua Josiah Josie Joslyn Josue Journey Jova Jovan Jovani Jovanni Jovanny Jovany Jove Jovi Joy Joyce Joycelyn Jozette Juan Juana Juanita Juanito Juanna Jucilla Judah Judd Jude Judea Juden Judi Judith Judy Juhi Juli Julia Julian Juliana Juliane Juliann Julianna Julianne Julie Julien Juliet Julieta Juliette Julika Julio Julissa Julita Julius Julmene June Junelee Junelene Junior Juniper Jurgen Justice Justin Justina Justine Justus Justyn Juventino

Baby Names with a “J” in the middle

Aja Ajai Ajay Alejandra Alejandro Alejo Alijah Anja Anjali Anjay Anjelica Anju Anjuli Anjulika Arjun Benjamin Benjiro Bijan Bjork Danjuro Deja Elijah Fuji Fuju Haejin Kenji Kjersti Leija Lejla Maja Majesta Majid Manjula Manjulika Mariajulia Marijana Marjan Marjorie Maryjane Maryjo Millijane Mojgan Nadejda Nafije Najia Natarajan Ranjy Sanja Sanjay Sanjaya Sanjuana Sarajane Sonja Stojan Sujoy Tajana Vijay

Baby Names that End with a “J”

AJ Balraj Manoj Neej Neeraj Ondrej Raj Semaj