Baby names with a “G”

The list of baby names starting with G you will find below will help you to pick a perfect name for the new member of your family.

Top name rankings change from year to year, with some classic baby names with G overtaken by the trendy ones. Some of them are pop culture-inspired, and you can probably attribute their popularity to the massive influence of newly-released movies, books or songs. If you want to choose a pop culture-inspired name, opt for the most neutral ones that would not sound weird when the movie or book will sink into obscurity.

Baby boy names that start with G

The frequency of baby boy names starting with G was the highest in 1951, when there were 45 G-names among the top 1000 and their usage almost reached 6%. Since then, the usage halved, the number of G-names in the top 1000 list dropped by 12 and now equals 33. Very few popular baby boy names start with G (Gabriel is one of them).

Baby girl names that start with G

1904 was the year when baby girl names starting with G were most popular. But even at that time their usage didn’t exceed 4%, and there were not more than 36 G-names in the top 1000 list. One of the reasons is that baby girl names with G are on the whole not as numerous as A-, S- or even J-names.

Baby Names Etc has compiled an easy-reference printable list of names that begin with G, end with G or have G in the middle.

Baby Names that Begin with a “G”

Ga Gabie Gabriel Gabriela Gabriella Gabrielle Gael Gage Gaia Gaige Gail Gal Gale Galen Galilea Galina Galo Gannon Garhard Garner Garnet Garret Garrett Garrison Garry Garth Gary Gaudencio Gauge Gautam Gaven Gavin Gavyn Gay Gayle Gaylene Gazelle Gem Gema Gemma Gen Gena Genavieve Gene Genesis Geneva Genevieve Genna Gennady Gennie Gentry Geoffrey George Georgeanne Georges Georgette Georgia Geovani Gerad Gerald Geraldine Geralyn Gerant Gerard Gerardo Gerda Gericel Gerit Gerlie German Geronica Geronimo Gert Gervais Gewnetta Ghassan Ghiabe Ghulam Gia Giana Giancarlo Gianina Gianmario Gianna Gianni Giddeon Gideon Gilad Gilbert Gilberto Gilia Gilles Gillian Gina Ginger Ginna Ginnah Ginny Gino Giovani Giovanna Giovanni Giovanny Gisela Giselle Gisselle Giuseppe Gizella Gladys Gleda Glen Glenda Glendale Glenice Glenit Glenn Gliceria Gloria Gobin Godfrey Golda Goldamer Golnaz Gonzalo Gordon Gordy Goura Goverdina Gowri Grace Gracelyn Gracia Gracie Graciel Graciela Gracious Grady Graeme Graham Grai Graig Grant Granville Graton Grayson Greatchen Greg Gregg Gregoire Gregor Gregory Greta Gretchen Grey Greyson Griffin Grigoriy Grisel Griselda Grissel Guadalupe Guann Guido Guilberto Guilherme Guillaume Guillermina Guillermo Gulam Gunnar Gunner Gunny Gus Gustavo Guy Gwen Gwendolyn Gwendolyne Gwyneth

Baby Names with a “G” in the middle

Abagail Abagale Abbigail Abbigale Abigail Abigale Abigayle Agatha Agazit Agnes Agustin Allegra Angel Angela Angeles Angeli Angelia Angelica Angelina Angeline Angelique Angelita Angella Angelo Angels Angelyn Angie Antigona Antigone Archangel Argus Ashleigh August Augusto Augustus Bengieline Birgit Bogart Bridger Bridget Bridgette Brigham Brigid Brigitte Burleigh Caglar Caleigh Daegan Dagan Dagmar Dagny D’angelo Deangelo Diego Diogo Dogan Douglas Douglass Dragana Dwight Edgar Edgardo Engeline Englebert Eugene Eugenia Eugenio Evangelina Evangeline Fergie Finnegan Haleigh Hargun Hayleigh Helge Hildegard Hildegarde Holger Hugh Hugo Ignacia Ignacio Igor Inga Ingolf Ingram Ingrid Isgard Jadwiga Jagger Jagwant Jorge Jurgen Kaleigh Kayleigh Keagan Keegan Kegan Kyleigh Leigh Leigha Logan Loganaden Maegan Magali Magaly Magdalena Maggie Maige Margaret Margarita Margene Margery Margie Margo Margot Marguerite Marygorret Meagan Meegan Megan Meggen Meggie Meghan Meghann Megumi Miguel Mojgan Morgan Nigel Ogden Olga Ozgood Ozgur Page Paige Peggy Raegan Reagan Regan Regina Reginald Remington Rigby Rigoberto Rodrigo Rogelio Roger Ryleigh Sage Saige Santiago Serge Sergei Sergey Sergio Sigfrido Sigmund Teagan Tolga Vaughn Virgil Virginia

Baby Names that End with a “G”

Craig Doug Enming Ergeng Fleming Graig Greg Gregg Haiqing Haisong Harding Hemming Irving Kang Kraig Lang Manning Meg Oleg Samang Sing Song Sterling Wolfgang Xing