Baby names with a “F”

Baby names starting with F are not as numerous, as D- or C-names, to say nothing of such “lucky” letters as A or S. But they are also not as rare as Q-, X- or U-names. However, as our list contains around 150 options altogether, you will definitely have a wide choice.

Before you decide to give your child one of baby names with F, do not forget to write down her initials. In this way you will make sure the monogram does not spell a word you do not like.

Baby boy names that start with F

Every decade, and even year, brings a new crop of names. Some are dethroned very soon, others keep rising in popularity. Today not many popular baby boy names start with F: only 19 F-names are listed in the top 1000, against 33 in 1901, when the usage peaked. The total usage of baby boy names starting with F slipped from 4.4 to 0.6%.

Baby girl names that start with F

There are even fewer baby girl names starting with F ranked within the top 1000 these days (just 9%). Even back in 1903, when their popularity peaked, only 3.5% of girls received F-names. This means, that if you are determined to find an F-name that will suit your child best, you definitely can’t just stick to your memory. It is much more reasonable to browse a list of baby girl names with F, like the one we have on this page.

Baby Names Etc has compiled an easy-reference printable list of names that begin with F, end with F or have F in the middle.

Baby Names that Begin with an “F”

Fabian Fabianna Fabianne Fabio Fabiola Fabion Fabrizia Fabyen Fadia Fadiya Faith Faithe Fakri Falcon Falina Falk Fallon Fami Fancella Fancy Fane Fanny Farah Fareed Fariba Farid Farida Farley Farold Faroque Farrah Farrar Farrat Farraz Farrell Farrokh Farron Farruco Farshad Farzad Fatima Faulk Faulkner Fauna Fausto Faustus Favian Favio Fawn Faye Federico Feivel Felice Felicia Felicitas Felicitie Felicity Felipe Felissa Felix Felma Felspar Fely Femida Fenton Fera Ferdinand Ferederic Ferederico Fergie Fermina Fern Fernadie Fernan Fernanda Fernando Fidel Filomena Filomeno Finley Finn Finnegan Fiona Fionna Fisher Fiza Flavia Flavio Fleming Flerena Fletcher Flin Flint Flor Flora Flordelis Flordeliza Florence Florentino Floriberto Flynn Fonna Fonzie Forest Forester Forrest Fortune Fowler Frances Francesca Francesco Franchesca Francis Francisca Francisco Franco Francois Frank Frankie Franklin Frann Fred Freda Freddie Freddy Frederick Fredric Fredrick Fredrik Fredy Freeda Fresvina Frey Frida Frieda Friederike Fritz Froilan Frye Fuji Fuju Fuller Fulton Fynn Fytch

Baby Names with an “F” in the middle

Adafo Adolfo Afi Africa Alfonsa Alfonso Alfred Alfreda Alfredo Asifa Atefah Boniface Bradford Clifford Clifton Cristofer Efim Efrain Efrem Efren Estefani Estefania Eufronio Geoffrey Godfrey Griffin Hartford Janyfel Jefferson Jeffery Jeffrey Jeffry Jenifer Jennifer Jenniffer Jesiefin Josefina Kiefer Kristofer Kristoffer Manfred Mustafa Nafije Ofelia Ofilio Radcliffe Rafael Rafaela Raffaele Raffi Refa Refael Rodolfo Rutherford Sadelfina Saffron Sanford Sheffield Sigfrido Sofia Stefan Stefania Stefanie Stefano Steffanie Teofilo Tiffanny Tiffany Wilfred Wilfredo Wilifred Winifred Wolfgang

Baby Names that End with an “F”

Asaf Asif Cliff Ingolf Jeff Josef Kashif Kryztof Ralf Rudolf Wolf Yosef Yusef Yusuf