Baby names with a “C”

The number of baby names starting with C is impressive. Although there are not as many variants as for “popular” letters like A or S, the list of C-names has more than three hundred and fifty options. Many of them are gender neutral, so they will suit your baby no matter whether you have a girl or a boy.

There are even more names with C in the middle, while the list of baby names with C at the end is really short – around a dozen altogether.

Baby boy names that start with C

Baby boy names starting with C peaked in popularity in 1992, when almost 9% of newborn boys were given such names. Back then there were 80+ lines starting with C in the list of 1000 most commonly used names. Although C-names are not as widely used today, still some very popular and trendy baby boy names start with C (like Carter or Christopher, for instance).

Baby girl names that start with C

Baby girl names starting with C were incredibly popular in 1957: such a name was given to every 1 in 10 girls. Within the top 1000 names there were 88 baby girl names with C as the first letter, while in 2015 this number slipped by 12, to 66 names. Today the usage of C-names is about 3.5%. The leader is certainly Chloe – it takes the 11th line in the list of most popular names.


Baby Names Etc has compiled an easy-reference printable list of names that begin with C, end with C or have C in the middle.

Baby Names that Begin with a “C”

Cade Caden Cadence Cael Caesar Caglar Caiden Caitlin Caitlyn Cale Caleb Caleigh Cali Calissa Calista Callie Calvert Calvin Cam Cambria Camden Camellia Camera Camerina Cameron Cami Camie Camila Camilla Camille Cammie Campbell Camren Camron Camryn Candace Candice Candida Candis Candy Cannon Canyon Cap Cara Caralee Caralisa Caralyn Careen Caren Carey Cari Caridad Cariebeth Carina Carissa Carl Carla Carlee Carlet Carleton Carley Carli Carlie Carlita Carlito Carlitos Carlo Carlos Carlota Carlotta Carlton Carly Carmela Carmelita Carmella Carmelle Carmelo Carmen Carmencita Carmina Carmine Carnelian Carol Carolan Carolanne Carole Carolina Caroline Carolonatta Carolyn Carolynn Carolynne Caron Carrie Carroll Carson Carter Cartralia Carylyn Caryn Casandra Casey Cash Cason Cassandra Cassaundra Cassey Cassidy Cassie Catalina Catherine Catheryn Cathleen Cathlene Cathrine Cathryn Cathy Catriona Cayden Cayla Cecelia Cecile Cecilia Cecily Cedric Cedrick Celeste Celia Celida Celina Celinda Celine Cenon Cerila Cerina Cerise Cesair Cesar Cezarina Chad Chadwick Chaim Chaitanya Chaka Chalia Chalit Chambers Chana Chance Chandler Chandra Chanel Chantal Chao Chaozi Chari Charina Charisa Charissa Charito Charity Charlee Charlene Charles Charletta Charlie Charlize Charlotte Charmaine Charmine Charmy Charro Chase Chasity Chau Chauncy Chaya Chaz Chellyn Chelsea Chelsey Cher Cheri Cherie Cherolyn Cherry Cheryl Cheryle Chetan Cheyanne Cheyenne Chia Chilan Chileshe China Chinary Chisato Chiya Chloe Choel Choll Chris Christa Christabel Christanne Christen Christi Christian Christiana Christiane Christianne Christie Christina Christine Christophe Christopher Christy Chrystalain Chuck Churchill Chyna Ciara Ciaran Ciera Cierra Cindy Cintia Cinzia Cipriano Cira Citlali Claire Clar Clara Clarabelle Clare Clarence Clarice Clarinda Clarissa Clarisse Clark Claude Claudette Claudia Claudine Claudio Clay Clayton Clemencia Clemente Cleotilde Cletus Cleven Cliff Clifford Clifton Clint Clinton Clive Cloe Clydene Coby Cody Cohen Colby Cole Coleen Coleman Colin Colleen Collette Collier Collin Colman Colt Colten Colton Columbia Concepcion Conley Conner Connie Connor Conor Conrad Constance Constancia Constantina Consuelo Cooper Copper Cora Coral Coralee Coraline Corazon Corbin Cordell Corene Corey Corina Corine Corinna Corinne Corliss Corlyn Cornelia Corneliu Cornelius Cornell Corona Corri Corrie Corrine Cortez Cortney Corwin Cory Coty Cou Court Courtney Coy Craig Crisalia Crisella Crispin Crispina Cristal Cristel Cristen Cristian Cristiana Cristin Cristina Cristito Cristobal Cristofer Cristopher Crossby Cruz Crystal Cullen Curran Curt Curtis Cyndi Cyndy Cynthia Cypress Cyriana Cyrus

Baby Names with an “C” in the middle

Ace Africa Alcandor Alchemy Aldrich Alecia Alice Alicia Alycia America Amycus Angelica Anica Anjelica Annick Araceli Aracely Arcadia Archana Archangel Archer Archibald Arcot Ascia Atticus Avencio Azucar Baruch Beatrice Becky Benedict Benedicto Berenice Bernice Bianca Blanca Boniface Boonclaire Brace Brice Brock Broderick Bronco Bruce Bryce Brycen Dacia Danica Darcell Darcia Darcie Darcy Deacon Declan Demarcus Denice Derick Derrick Dick Diemchi Domenica Dominick Dulce Dulcie Duncan Dunwick Elicia Elyce Encarnacion Enoch Enrico Erica Erich Erick Ericka Essence Eunice Falcon Fancella Fancy Farruco Federico Felice Felicia Felicitas Felicitie Felicity Ferederico Fletcher Florence Frances Francesca Francesco Franchesca Francis Francisca Francisco Franco Francois Frederick Fredrick Fytch Gaudencio Gericel Geronica Giancarlo Glenice Gliceria Grace Gracelyn Gracia Gracie Graciel Graciela Gracious Greatchen Gretchen Harcourt Hector Henrich Hercules Holcomb Hollice Horacio Hyacinthe Ignacia Ignacio Immaculada Indalecio Iriscelda Jace Jacey Jachelle Jacinda Jacinta Jack Jackamo Jackeline Jackie Jacklyn Jackson Jaclene Jaclyn Jacob Jacobus Jacoby Jacopo Jacqueline Jacquelyn Jacquetta Jancy Janice Jayce Jaycee JeanClaude Jerica Jerrecca Jerrica Jessica Jocelyn Jock Jockie Joice Joyce Joycelyn Jucilla Justice Kacee Kacey Kaci Kacie Kadence Kandace Kaydence Kendrick Lacandice Lacey Laci Lacie Lacy Lance Laniece Latrecee Lawrence Leticia Lincoln Luca Lucas Lucero Lucette Lucia Lucian Luciana Luciano Lucie Lucila Lucilla Lucille Lucina Lucinda Lucita Lucky Lucy Macey Maci Macie Mackenzie Macneil Macy Malachi Malcolm Marcel Marcela Marcele Marcelina Marcelino Marcella Marcelle Marcello Marcelo Marci Marcia Marciano Marco Marcos Marcus Marcy Maricar Maricarmen Maricel Maricela Maurice Mauricio Maverick Mckayla Mckenna Mckenzie Menachem Mercedes Micaela Micah Micha Michael Michaela Michaella Michal Micheal Michel Michela Michele Micheline Michelle Michiko Mickey Millicent Miracle Mischelle Mitchell Mitchelle Monica Mordechai Nancee Nanci Nancy Natacha Nicelia Nichol Nicholas Nichole Nicholetta Nick Nicki Nickolas Niclas Nico Nicodemus Nicoelle Nicola Nicolai Nicolas Nicolay Nicole Nicolette Nicolle Octaniano Octavia Octavian Octavio Octavius Oscar Pacita Pascal Pascale Patience Patrice Patricia Patrick Percival Pierce Precious Pricilla Prince Princess Priscila Prisciliana Priscilla Providence Quincy Rachael Rachel Rachelle Radcliffe Rebeca Rebecca Redick Reece Ricardo Riccardo Ricci Rich Richard Richele Richelle Richmond Rick Rickey Ricky Rico Ritchel Rocco Rocelino Rochelle Rochielle Rocio Rocky Roderick Royce Rustico Scarlet Scarlett Scheryl Scott Sheldrick Sincere Socorro Spencer Stacey Staci Stacia Stacianne Stacie Stacy Stayce Sucheta Suchitra Terence Terrance Terrence Torrence Trace Tracey Traci Tracie Tracy Tricia Tucker Ulrich Ulrick Valencia Vance Verinice Veronica Vicente Vicki Vickie Vicky Victor Victoria Victorio Vince Vincent Vincenzino Vincenzo Vivencia Welcome Wency Yancy Yenci Yessica Zachariah Zachary Zachery Zachry Zack Zackary Zackery Zechariah Zuckerman Zucky

Baby Names that End with an “C”

Alec Audric Cedric Domenic Dominic Duc Enric Eric Ferederic Fredric Isaac Issac Kc Luc Lyric Marc