Baby names with a “B”

When you start choosing a name for your baby, you may feel overwhelmed. The number of possible options is amazing, from old-fashioned and classic ones to modern and weird. However, if you think of your own preferences you will soon discover that the choice is not that wide. For instance, it is not unusual to pick a name according to its first letter, thus making your list much more limited.

Baby names that start with B

There can be many reasons for picking baby names starting with B. Some parents want their baby’s initials to be the same as their own or other family member’s initials. One more reason – you may want your baby’s initials to form a certain word.

Also, baby names with B can solve one of the most common problems: when your spouse or parents are pressuring you to pick your beloved grandmother’s, grandfather’s or someone else’s name, which is not even on your top 10 list. The solution is simple. You give your baby the name you want but, in order to reflect the family heritage, pick it from the list of names starting with the same letter as your grandmother’s. Of course, it is not exactly the same name, but at least that is a compromise, which gives you a chance to show your relatives you respect their point of view.

Baby boy names that start with B

Try and think of all the first names starting with “B”. Even if you have a great memory, the number of options available will be restricted only to the names of the people you know, used to know, read or heard about. Even when you add options from pop culture or books, the choice will leave much to be desired. That’s why our list of baby boy names starting with B could be very helpful. Looking through it, you will be surprised to see how many names you actually know are not in your own list just because they had slipped your mind. Also, you will certainly find amazing variants that you have never heard before.

How many baby boy names start with B? There are at least three hundreds (which almost reaches the number of A-names). As of 2015, about 65 B-names were listed among the top 1000. Benjamin is one of the most commonly used, it has Hebrew, English, French, and German origins.

Baby girl names that start with B

Below is a list of baby girl names starting with B. If you want to find a specific one, you can easily do this because all the names are sorted by alphabetical order.

The number of baby girl names with B is a little smaller than that of the boy names starting with the same letter. As of 2015, there were 46 B-names for girls in the top 1000, with the English name Brooklyn being the most popular.

Baby Names Etc has compiled an easy-reference printable list of names that begin with B, end with B or have B in the middle.

Baby Names that Begin with a “B”

Babak Babbi Babette Baby Bailee Bailey Baldur Baldwin Balin Baliz Ballard Balraj Ban Baoz Barak Baramee Barbara Barbra Bard Bari Barnani Barney Baron Barrett Barry Bart Bartholomew Barton Baruch Basil Basiliza Basir Batya Bay Baylee Beal Beatrice Beatriz Beau Becky Beissi Belen Belin Belinda Bella Bellamy Belle Ben Benedict Benedicto Benes Bengieline Benita Benito Benjamin Benjiro Bennett Bennie Benny Benonie Berdy Berenice Berna Bernadette Bernard Bernardo Bernd Bernhard Bernice Bernie Berta Bertha Bertin Beryl Besilda Bessie Beth Bethany Bethe Bethie Bethlynn Betsy Bette Bettina Betty Bevery Bevy Bianca Bienvenida Bijan Bill Billy Birgit Bjork Blain Blaine Blair Blaise Blake Blanca Blaze Bliss Blythe Bo Boaz Bob Bobbie Bobby Bobo Bogart Bohdan Bomani Bonar Boniface Bonita Bonnie Boonclaire Boone Boris Boston Boyden Bozidar Brace Brad Braden Bradford Bradley Brady Bradyn Braeden Braedon Braiden Brainard Brandan Brandee Branden Brandi Brando Brandon Brandy Branson Braulio Braxton Brayan Brayden Braydon Braylen Braylon Breana Breanna Brenda Brendan Brenden Brendon Brenna Brennan Brennen Brent Brenton Breonna Bret Brett Bria Brian Briana Brianna Brianne Briant Brice Bridger Bridget Bridgette Brie Brielle Brigham Brigid Brigitte Brinda Brionna Brisa Brishen Britney Britni Britta Brittanni Brittany Brittney Brittny Brock Broderick Brodie Brody Bronco Bronson Brook Brooke Brookie Brooklyn Brooklynn Brooks Bruce Bruno Bryan Bryana Bryanna Bryant Bryce Brycen Brylee Bryn Bryna Brynn Bryson Bu Bud Buddy Buneva Burleigh Burt Burton Buu Byron

Baby Names with an “B” in the middle

Abagail Abagale Abba Abbey Abbie Abbigail Abbigale Abby Abdullah Abe Abel Abigail Abigale Abigayle Abiola Abraham Abram Abril Absalom Abu Adabel Adalberto Adorable Alban Albano Albert Alberta Alberto Amabel Amber Ambriss Ambrosio Anabel Anabelle Annabel Annabella Annabelle Annabeth Arabella Archibald Aubree Aubrey Aubrie Auburn Aubyn Cambria Campbell Cariebeth Chambers Christabel Clarabelle Coby Colby Columbia Corbin Cristobal Crossby Debal Debbie Debbra Debby Debora Deborah Debra Delbert Diba Ebenezer Ebonee Ebonie Ebony Elba Elbert Elisabeth Elizabeth Englebert Esteban Estibaliz Fabian Fabianna Fabianne Fabio Fabiola Fabion Fabrizia Fabyen Fariba Floriberto Gabie Gabriel Gabriela Gabriella Gabrielle Ghiabe Gilbert Gilberto Gobin Guilberto Halbert Hannibal Herbie Heriberto Humberto Ibrahim Inbal Isabel Isabela Isabell Isabella Isabelle Izabella Jabari Jacobus Jacoby Jakobe Kambiz Katobe Kimball Kimberlee Kimberley Kimberly Kimberlyn Kobe Koby Kolby Korbin Libby Liberty Lilibelle Lilibeth Lilybel Lilybeth Lisbeth Lizbeth Lolabel Makeba Maribel Maribeth Marybel Milbert Mobe Nabyl Nebraska Norbert Norberto Obie Osborne Pablina Pablo Philbert Phoebe Reba Rebeca Rebecca Rebekah Reuben Rigby Rigoberto Robert Roberta Robertha Roberto Robia Robier Robin Robina Robson Robyn Rosabel Rosalba Ruben Rubert Rubi Ruby Saba Sabastian Sabine Sabino Sabrina Sebastian Sebastien Seble Shelby Sibley Subrata Tabitha Taube Tebal Timberly Tobiah Tobias Tobin Toby Trilby Wenbo Wilbert Wilbur Xabier Ysabel

Baby Names that End with a “B”

Bob Caleb Habib Holcomb Jacob Jakob Kaleb Rob Robb