Names of Baby Animals

The tradition to give people names with animal origins is ancient. Baby animal names were and are popular in many different cultures, from European to Native American.
Our ancestors believed that with such a name a baby would receive a mighty protector. One more reason was that a child would “inherit” some of the animal’s qualities, like strength or speed. So it’s hardly a surprise that among the most popular animals are:

  • a bear (Barend, Barrett, Berend, Orson, Osborn)
  • a horse (Colt, Bronco, Roswald)
  • a wolf (Adolphus, Rodolf, Rudi, Zvi)
  • a deer (Harshul, Dyani, Buck, Oisin).

Many names originate from the words meaning “lion” (Ari, Leo, Lionel) in different languages. Our ancestors supposed that a baby would take after the ruler of the animal kingdom in his noble character and strength. Another noble creature often chosen for baby animals names is an eagle (Adler, Andor). Some animals were chosen for their sacral symbolism, for instance raven (Bertram, Bram, Corbett).
A lot of baby animals names for girls are also connected with the same creatures:

  • a bear (Orsa, Ursula)
  • a deer (Ayala, Danuta, Hinda, Fawn)
  • a lion (Loni, Ariella, Leandra, Leona)
  • a wolf (Zera).

Eagle (Aqualina, Arva) and raven (Brena, Brenda) should also be included in this list. “Bird names”, on the whole, are much more often chosen for girls, dove being most popular (Chenoa, Columbine, Jemima, Paloma, and Yona all mean “dove”). This looks reasonable, as dove is traditionally considered a symbol of motherhood, self-sacrifice and devotion.
We could also mention lark (Calandra), blackbird (Merle) and falcon (Merlyn) as examples of “bird names” for girls. Names Ava and Jena have exactly the same meaning: “little bird”. Parents also liked to give their baby girls names of such cute creatures as a bee (Melissa, Deborah), a gazelle (Dorcas), and a dolphin (Delphine).

Other names:

An Antling is a baby Ant.

A Calf is a baby Cow, baby Elephant, baby Camel, baby Giraffe, baby Hippo, baby Moose, baby Reindeer, baby Buffalo, baby Whale or a baby Dolphin.

A Chick is a baby songbird, baby Ostrich or a baby Penguin.

A Cria is a baby Llama or a baby Alpaca.

A Cub is a baby Bear, baby Panda, baby Racoon, baby Lion, baby Tiger, baby Jaguar, baby Leopard, baby Cheetah or a baby Hyena.

A Duckling is a baby Duck.

An Eaglet is a baby Eagle.

An Eyas is a baby Hawk or a baby Falcon.

An Ephyna is a baby Jellyfish.

A Fawn is a baby Deer.

A Foal is a baby Horse, baby Pony, baby Donkey, baby Mule or a baby Zebra.

A Fry is a Baby Fish.

A Gosling is a baby Goose.

A Hatchling is a baby Alligator, baby Turtle or a baby Dinosaur.

A Joey is a baby Kangaroo, baby Koala, baby Oppossum, baby Wallaby, baby Wombat, baby Bandicoot, baby Numbat or a baby Tasmanian Devil.

A Kid is a baby Goat.

A Kit is a baby Skunk, baby Weasel, baby Ferret, baby Muskrat or a baby Fox.

A Kitten is a baby Cat.

A Lamb is a baby Sheep.

A Larva is a baby Bee, baby Gnat, baby Termite, baby Clam, baby Starfish, baby Sea Urchin or a baby San Dollar.

A Maggot is a baby Fly.

A Nymph is a baby Grasshopper or a baby Cockroach.

An Owlet is a baby Owl.

A Piglet is a baby Pig.

A Puggle is a baby Platypus.

A Pup is a baby Dog, baby Coyote, baby Wolf, baby Hamster, baby Mouse, baby Guinea Pig, baby Prairie Dog, baby Beaver, baby Seal, baby Sea Lion, baby Shark or a baby Bat.

A Snakelet is a baby Snake.

A Spiderling is a baby Spider.

A Tadpole is a baby Frog or a baby Toad.  Baby Frogs can also be called Polliwogs.